Meet the farmers


Katrina Violette

Farmer and Co-owner


Ghislain "Ed"

Farmer and Co-owner


Jack & Avery Violette

Expert chicken wranglers,
pea-eaters and go'fers



Pest Control, Greeter
and Treat Afficionado



Barking Enthusiast

in the beginning

When our children were still babies, we came to realize just how broken and disconnected we were from the true source of our food. With food recalls dominating the news, the desire to take back control over our food sources began to grow.


We started a small backyard garden and found ourselves falling in love with all things agriculture. Years of courses, webinars, books, conferences and conversations with growing experts began to fill our spare time. We knew we had found a passion, and needed to figure out a way to do this on a larger scale, and for more than just
our family.


Adagio - "at a leisurely pace"



The search for a farm wasn't easy, or simple. Neither was selling our current home. We had many, many disappointing experiences, and nearly lost hope a number of times. But true to the saying, 'good things come to those who wait', we found our beautiful farm.


After our four-year long wait came to an end, the perfect name for the farm revealed itself - Adagio. It's a musical term that suggests the music be played at a leisurely pace. It's something we've adopted as a philosophy for developing the farm, and growing the food we offer to the community. Grow slowly.


our philosophy


As we learn, and continue to develop the farm into what we know it can be, we remain dedicated to providing the best quality food produced using natural practices. Caring for the soil using natural inputs like compost instead of fertilizers, utilizing cover crops to enhance its health, and ensuring we use integrated pest management like companion planting to control over-populations of insects rather than turning to insecticides. We want to offer food we'd proudly serve our family!