We grow using the most natural, sustainable and local elements we can find. This includes sourcing Canadian seed stock (and saving our own!), using manure from our own animals to create compost and never picking up a bottle of anything with 'cide in its name. We work WITH the natural systems and environment that exist in Northern Ontario and promote a bio-dynamic garden. By treating the soil with the respect that any living thing deserves, we are rewarded with abundance in our crops from healthy and strong plants.


growing in the north

We face a short growing season in the north. To extend our season to its fullest potential, we use frost cover, choose cold-hardy local seed varieties and rely on structures like our hoophouse to give crops the best chance to mature. Although we don't like to lean on plastics, with careful treatment we can get many years of use from them and tons of fresh local food!


We believe that nature does it best, and we do everything in our control to aid in its success. We use inter-planting to maintain balance within our garden beds, using companion planting to ensure each crop gets the best shot possible to thrive. We mix in flowers known to attract pollinators and herbs which deter pests. Of course this is nothing without a healthy dose of elbow grease to manage weeds!


find the goods

We offer our vegetables, fruit, meat and eggs throughout the growing season in our self-serve farmstand, and at the Powassan Farmer's market. Both run from Victoria Day long weekend until Thanksgiving weekend each year.